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Dave Roever

Dave Roever grew up in a loving, committed family in South Texas. The last thing on his mind was going to war. At the height of the Vietnam War, he received his draft notice. Having no desire to serve in the infantry, he joined the Navy and served as a river boat gunner in the elite Brown Water Black Beret in Vietnam.

Eight months into his tour of duty in Vietnam, Dave was burned beyond recognition when a phosphorous grenade he was poised to throw exploded in his hand. The ordeal left him hospitalized for fourteen months, where he underwent numerous major surgeries. His survival and life are miraculous.

Today, with his humorous style, Dave Roever is enthusiastically received both nationally and internationally as a public speaker. He is a gifted communicator and speaks in a variety of settings including public schools, military installations, business, men's and youth conventions and churches. Dave is a frequent guest on national television talk shows. He established compassionate, ongoing mission work in Vietnam and is involved in other nations.

In every setting, Mr. Roever's message is one of hope. Using his life as an example, he addresses issues relevant to his audience and presents concrete solutions to life's problems. Often drawing upon his war experiences of loneliness, peer pressure, disfigurement and pain, as well as life's triumphs, Dave weaves a message of courage, commitment and survival that touches and transforms those who hear him. The foundation of his hope is his faith, supported by the wholesome relationships with his parents, wife, children and grandchildren.

Thirty-four years after his injuries, the Department of the Navy corrected its oversight by awarding Dave his Purple Heart, along with several other service medals. Because of his war-time experience of service, injury and recovery, he is uniquely qualified to speak to the needs of military personnel. He is called upon regularly to address troops on domestic military bases as well as those deployed in Iraq and other locations around the globe.

In May 2005, Dave was awarded an honorary doctor degree in recognition of his remarkable life and service.

Dave Roever is founder, chairman, and president of two non-profit corporations: Roever Evangelistic Association (REA) and Roever Educational Assistance Programs (REAP) based in Fort Worth, Texas. Dave and his wife Brenda are co-founders of Eagles Summit Ranch near Westcliffe, Colorado, where the couple will train wounded warriors, others from the U.S. military, and talented young leaders in areas of specific focus such as public speaking, marriage, and emotional recovery after devastating injury, helping them to fulfill their destinies.

Dave and Brenda are the parents of two adult children, Matt Roever and Kim Chapin, and grandparents of four grandchildren.

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Brenda Roever

When Brenda married Dave Roever in July of 1967, she knew she was marrying a minister of the Gospel. That part of her future did not change, but little else has been as she imagined it would be.

The first two short years of marriage were marked by Dave's devastating injury. Before Dave could throw a white phosphorus hand grenade into the crowded underbrush on a river in Vietnam, the grenade exploded in his hand, just inches from his head. Amazingly, Dave lived through the injury and thirteen major operations, which kept him hospitalized for fourteen months.

Dave tells everyone that Brenda is his hero. Other women rejected their husbands upon seeing them in the hospital, but Brenda kissed Dave's scarred face and said, "I want you to know that I love you. Welcome home, Davey." This was the beginning of Dave's recovery and Brenda's journey of faith.

Brenda Roever's faith has been and is, one of her major strengths. It has served her entire family as she led Dave on the road to recovery from the devastating wounds of war. Brenda's courage and determination never to give up in the face of extreme emotional, psychological, and physical conditions faced by their family during the days of Dave's recovery is a timeless record of overcoming for anyone who needs encouragement.

Brenda's greatest accomplishments and joys have been to raise two children to love and serve God. Brenda believes her role as mother is a significant privilege. Her son, Matt, and his wife Jaime serve the Lord in evangelistic ministry, and Kim, her daughter, ministers in music with her husband, Phil Chapin, also an evangelist. Dave and Brenda have four grandchildren.

Brenda's presentation is of faith and hope as she shares how God can bring one through difficult circumstances and physical injury. She deals with the issue of suffering and the by-product that remains...scars.

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Matt Roever

Matt Roever, M.S.

Matt Roever is an ordained minister and a graduate of Southwestern Assemblies of God University with a Master's Degree in Theological Studies.

Matt excels in public speaking, especially in public schools where he has spoken to approximately one million students in the last decade. He conducts men's conventions and youth conventions, and speaks frequently in churches and on university campuses. His humorous yet engaging style has provoked highest praise from those who attend his seminars and school assemblies.

Matt has traveled to many third world nations including Vietnam and El Salvador with the message of the Gospel.

Matt is an adjunct professor with Southwestern Assemblies of God University and is presently Professor of Record at Eagles Summit Ranch's Learning and Resource Center in Westcliffe, Colorado where he and his father, Evangelist Dave Roever, train disabled, wounded warriors in the art of public speaking preparing them for a future in ministry.

He also stared in the docudrama, Scars that Heal, a World Wide Pictures' film. He has produced and directed multiple music videos and other Gospel oriented film shorts.

Matt married the love of his life, Jaime, and has two sons.  The family resides in Junction, TX.

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Phil Chapin

The sound of fists beating upon the outside walls of my room kept me awake most nights as my mom downed hard liquor with hopes of making still my unborn beating heart.

She was a 16-year-old alcohol and drug abuser who found herself pregnant with me. Dad...well I didn't know much about him until I was six. Most, if not all of this time he spent in jail or prison.

Born into a hopeless situation, the God of hope had a plan

Raising a family at the age of six, a steady diet of dog and cat food, and when she was home, the occasional joint with mom, I found my 2-year-old sister and myself in the only life we knew...we had no idea. My sister and I were often left home alone for weeks at a time.

At the age of nine, I went to live with my father where the sound of fists beating upon my skull kept me awake most nights. I hoped that he would walk past my room and just go to bed, but unfortunately, this was not always the case. At the age of 13, I was disowned and living on the streets. Most of the time I was high or drunk. I was abused and raped. That was my concept of life...a hopeless situation.

With life on the streets, it was survival of the fittest. A hopeless situation that could assuredly lead to either death or life in the prison. Stealing, fighting, drugs and alcohol addiction were my only companions as I lived a life filled with hatred and bitterness. It was still...the only life I knew.

Because of my lifestyle, one can imagine that I was well acquainted with the judicial system. In hopes that a new environment would change my downhill spiral, I was sent to live with a distant relative in Oregon. Because of my assault record on my previous teachers, no school would take me. I was finally accepted on probation by a private school. This only life I knew was about to change...

Through Lonnie Chapin, a friend from school and teammate on the baseball team, my seemingly hopeless situation began to alter. I was 17 when the Chapin family took me in on weekends and treated me as their own. A year later, the only life I knew had changed drastically. I no longer roamed the streets begging for handouts. I had a home, a mother and father who loved me and two brothers. My life was different...much different and so was I. After finishing high school, I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart and went to Bible college. Four years after meeting Lonnie, I was adopted into his family and took their last name.

Today, my concept of family is charged with love for my wife, Kim, and our two little girls, Kali and Kennedi.

The only life I knew is now a testimony of God's grace and mercy. I now experience life on the other side of what once seemed... a hopeless situation...

There is a hope and His name is Jesus Christ.

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Rev. Thien-An (Dan) N. Dang

Thien-An (Dan) N. Dang was born in Vietnam and grew up in the city of Dalat. He was 15 years of age when South Vietnam fell in 1975. Dan's parents made the decision to leave their native country in March 1975. The family joined about 500 others on a boat and sailed on May 1, 1975. That was the beginning of a harrowing 27-day voyage. The boat stopped in Singapore and the Philippines before finally reaching U.S. soil in Guam.

Dan's family eventually settled in Omaha, Nebraska, where he lived 17 years. In 1984, he married a Vietnamese woman, Hanh Dang, who had immigrated in 1983. Dan and Hanh now have one son, Peter.

In 1982 Dan became Office and Customer Service Manager for Council Bluffs Water Works, Iowa. In 1985 he became a Senior Manager for the Radio Shack Corporation. Dan's retail career eventually brought him and his family to Texas in 1991.

In 1993, while with Radio Shack in Ft. Worth, Texas, Dan ran across Dave Roever. Dave's office was just across the parking lot from Dan's business. Dan remembered meeting Roever in Vietnam in the church where his father pastored before his family left the country. It was a God-ordained meeting that day in Ft. Worth, as shortly thereafter, Dave Roever made a trip back to Vietnam for the first time since 1975, and on that very trip REAP International was born. Today REAP International is a multi-pronged outreach of compassion to the children and adults of Vietnam. Dan is a key part of this outreach. Dan is also working side by side with Global University. He is in charge of translating the educational materials into Vietnamese.

Dan is one of the associate speakers with Dave Roever & Associates. He addresses many different groups and churches giving them the message of hope, and urging people to appreciate the gift of freedom.

After his love for God, Dan's love for America is surpassed only by his love for his people in Vietnam. He is working passionately with Dave Roever and REAP International to advance the cause of compassion for his people.

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Rev. Kathy Wampler

Kathy Wampler grew up in Louisiana before moving to Texas to be in full time ministry at Roever Evangelistic Association. Her parents have pastored in Natchitoches, Louisiana since 1974. Having grown up in a pastor's home, she was given a wonderful foundation that has supported her throughout her life and ministry.

In 1991, Kathy began working for Roever Evangelistic Association as a vocalist in the music team that ministered in all of the events of the ministry. Kathy now serves as soloist and crusade director for city-wide evangelistic crusades.

Kathy is also a credentialed minister. She speaks for ladies conferences, churches, and teaches seminar classes for church conventions. Her music ministry is a vital part of the call God has placed in her heart. She and her husband travel with Dave Roever, and providing special music for his events. She has recorded three records, which her husband produced.

Kathy has been married to David since 1993. David has been on staff with REA since 1991 as well. He is a drummer, coordinates the music for crusades, and serves as a road assistant to Dave Roever when traveling. Dave and Kathy reside in Westcliffe, Colorado, near the ministry's Eagles Summit Ranch and the travel base of Colorado Springs.

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