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Forged In Fire - Paperback

Forged In Fire - Paperback


This book tells of my travels, travails, triumphs, and tragedies as my wife Brenda and I crisscrossed the nation to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the oppressed and brokenhearted. In it, I share my agony of departing Love Field in 1969 and leaving my teenage wife in Texas. Two years later, and terribly disfigured, I’m filled with ecstasy when I walk out of the hospital’s burn unit in San Antonio and preach my first sermon. Oh, my Lord, what a magnificent, exciting journey it has been to serve in God’s Kingdom.


Although Brenda is no longer with me, having passed away from Covid-19 in February 2021, I feel her presence constantly. Frequently I chuckle, thinking about her firm warning, “Alright, everyone, keep it together; there are things to be done.” Frankly, I believe she is helping to “keep it together” in Heaven while she supports Jesus expanding His Kingdom. – Dave Roever

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